Gaza: Destructive Reconstruction

von Stefanie Felsberger*

Shuja’iyeh, an area close to the border zone between Gaza and Israel, which was destroyed during Protective Edge. ©Mark McGuinness

"Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas told a summit in Egypt that cash was ´insufficient´ without a 
politicial solution. Israel, which has been fighting Gaza militants, refuses to allow building materials into Gaza for reconstruction. [...] Hamas [...] was not invited to attend the one-day conference. [...] All but essential supplies are still subject to Israeli blockades at the crossing points into Gaza. Building and raw materials deemed by Israel to be useful to militants as well civilians have been banned." BBC News

This statement seemingly many of the reasons why Gaza has been forced to remain in a state of destruction and devastation since Operation Protective Edge which took place in summer 2014. In reality, the above was written in 2009, after Operation Cast Lead. Sadly, I could have started this text with a similar quote from 2006, 2011, or 2014. In all of these years Israel launched devastating operations against Gaza and its people, leaving death and destruction.